Tressemanes Vogt TV Limoges, Pitkins Brooks Chicago Hand-Painted Saucer Roses, ca. 1910s


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Tressemanes & Vogt (Limoges, France)
and Pitkins & Brooks (Chicago)
Hand-Painted Saucer

Brooks & Pitkins Chicago made by T&V Limoges France

Brooks & Pitkins Chicago made by T&V Limoges France

Wild Roses, Gold Encrusted Border

A very charming hand-painted saucer made by Tressemanes (or Tressemann) & Vogt (T&V, Limoges, France). There is a second red bell mark for T.V, with Pitkins & Brooks Chicago. Pitkins & Brooks was a decorating company in Chicago, with high-quality renowned artists painting imported blanks, that were then re-sold to high-end stores such as Marshall Fields.

This very lovely small plate measures 5.75 inches wide across the embossed rim. It is in good to very good condition. There is some wear to the gold trim (mainly on the embossed parts), but the pink and white roses and leaves are very solid. There are no chips, cracks, flakes, hairlines, utensil marks, or crazing that I can find.

There is a T&V green mark on the base, with France Depose. There is a second red bell mark for T.V / France, which was used by Tressemann & Vogt, Limoges, France, 1907-1919. The red bell has an arched decorator’s mark for Pitkins & Brooks Chicago.


Fenton Satin Custard Vaseline Uranium Glass Vase Hand-painted Roses, Paper Label



Uranium Glass Vase

Fenton Ruffled Satin Custard Glass, Uranium

Satin (or Custard) Glass Vase
Vaseline or Uranium Glass
Hand-Painted Pink Roses

I have to admit up front that normally I’m a pottery person, not glass. But I can’t resist depression-era uranium satin glass, such as this vase made by Fenton. The vase is a light greenish-yellow color, with hand-painted orange-pink roses on the front and back. When I tested it with my black light, I could see what a real knockout this piece is–it lights up the dark room!

This cool vase measures 5-5/8 inches high at the tip of the ruffled rim, and 2 inches wide across the foot. The vase is in very good to excellent condition, with no cracks, chips, or other flaws.

The foot has the original paper label for “Authentic Fenton Handmade,” along with a signature for the painter, “Handpainted by C. Evans.”

Eva Zeisel: Mistress of Mid-Century Modern


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I love pieces designed by Eva Zeisel. Not only was she one of the mistresses (masters) of Mid-Century Modern, designing for great china companies such as Hall, but she also lived in my neighborhood, and helped start one of the most fun events of the year, the Hyde Park Art Fair.

Vintage (1950s) Eva Zeisel / HallCraft

An unusually shaped creamer in a colorful design by the famed Eva Zeisel for Hall China in the “Hallcraft” series, produced 1952-1957, in the pattern called Sunglow (see item 38933). It has a bright yellow interior, with a design on the broad front showing yellow leaves on a gray tree.

This neat piece of mid-century modern design measures 4.25 inches high near the tip of the spout, 3.75 inches wide at the middle, and 3 inches deep at the middle (2 inches by 1.75 inches on the oval foot). There is one very small fleabite on the edge of the handle (see closeup photos with red arrows), but no other signs of wear or use that I cansee. There are no chips or cracks or crazing. The colors are intense and the design is crisp.

The mark on the bottom reads HALLCRAFT /BY / Eva Zeisel /MADE IN U.S.A. BY HALL CHINA CO.


Johnson Bros. “Castle on the Lake”


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Everyone knows Wedgwood, but often overlooked is one of my favorite English china makers, Johnson Brothers. And this platter is in one of my favorite, romantic English patterns: Castle on the Lake.


Johnson Brothers, England:
“Castle on the Lake”
12-inch Vintage Red/Pink Platter

A gorgeous vintage platter from Johnson Brothers in a richly colored red (pink) pattern on an ivory (cream) body, called “Castle on the Lake” (see item 45409). This pattern was made from 1939 to 1970, and I think this is an older piece, since there is no reference to dish washer or detergent on its mark.

The platter measures 12-1/8 inches wide across the gadroon (rope or braided) rim and 9.5 inches wide at the center. It is in very good condition, with no chips, cracks, or crazing. There are light utensil marks (visible when held to the light at an angle), and one speck in the glaze, which appears to be original to manufacture (see closeup photo with red arrow).

The platter is marked “Castle on the Lake / Johnson Bros. / England / Pat. No. 118580 / All decoration under the glaze / Permanent & acid resisting colors.”

Franciscan Desert Rose: A California Classic



This is one of the most popular and beautiful patterns ever sold: Franciscan’s DESERT ROSE. However, it wasn’t until I found a set of 8 vintage plates (from the 1950s and early 1960s, marked California) that I had realized how much the more modern pieces had deteriorated in color, detail, and style. These older plates are stunning! Compare them with pieces made since the 1980s in the UK and China–NO comparison!

Desert Rose

Franciscan Desert Rose

Franciscan DESERT ROSE
Four Dinner Plates
ca. 1963

Four (4) gorgeous vintage dinner plates from Franciscan (Gladding-McBean) in the pattern “Desert Rose,” showing a richly detailed, very colorful embossed flower design in pink with yellow centers, green leaves, and brown trim (10-5/8 inches wide across the scalloped rim).

All four of these vintage dinner plates are in very good condition. There are no chips or cracks or crazing on any of the plates. There is light utensil marks, but no gouges or scratches that mar the design. The beautiful pattern is solid on all four plates.

These plates have the early 1960s Interpace round marks for “Interpace / Franciscan Earthenware / Made in U.S.A. / Oven Safe and Color Fast.” There are also assorted numbers, such as 39-64 (on three of the plates) and 29-68 (on one plate). According to Lehner’s Encyclopedia of US Pottery Marks, this mark was used starting in 1963 (see pp. 169-170; in the early 1970s, Interpace Franciscan began to be manufactured in England).

The Beauty of Hand-Decorated Deruta


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I’ve long been a fan of the beautiful colors and Renaissance designs used in pottery from the area around Deruta, Italy. Here’s a nice example.


Deruta, Italy
Heart-Shape Box with Lid
Green Rooster, Colorful Design

A very colorful heart-shaped trinket box (with lid), decorated in vibrant green and yellow (with red and blue highlights), from the CAMA workshop of Deruta, Italy. The center of the lid has a very cute hand-painted rooster surrounded by flowers.

This delightful piece measures about 3 inches long and wide by 1.75 inches high (with the lid on). It is in beautiful condition, with rich colors and designs, and no chips, cracks, flakes, hairlines, or crazing. (White spots are camera flash unless otherwise noted.)

It is hand-marked on the bottom with “CAMA Deruta Italy.”

The CAMA ceramic workshop was established in the 1950’s in Deruta, a small hill town in the beautiful region of Umbria between Florence and Rome. Each piece is carefully thrown or forged by hand, and hand-painted using only 100% lead-free glazes. The ceramic production tradition in Deruta goes back to the 13th century. Italian Giftware & Decor

Railroad China


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I LOVE railroad restaurant ware! My first B-I-G sale on eBay was the little ice cream bowl in the above banner (decorated with mermaids and seashells). I paid $0.39 in a thrift store for it. It sold for about $630 on eBay–a rare piece of dinnerware from the dining car of the Mermaid Line, which ran from Coney Island to Niagara Falls (honeymoons) in the 1920s.

The latest entry is GM&O, or Gulf Mobile & Ohio railroad. The little creamer shown here is currently at $125+, and has several days to go on eBay. There is a matching platter, dessert bowl, and coffee mug (currently totalling over $250 in sales–and I hope will go up in the days to come). Rare, excellent condition, beautiful colors. And GM&O!


Syracuse China Railroad Ware
Large Creamer
Gulf Mobile & Ohio

A heavy-duty large creamer from Syracuse China restaurant ware. This 4-inch jug is decorated with a great vintage pink design for “GM&O” (Gulf Mobile & Ohio railroad).

The creamer is in very good to excellent condition. There are no chips, cracks, flakes, or hairlines, no utensil marks and no wear to the surface. The rose pink rim and GM&O logo are very solid and intact. It measures 4 inches high at the rim and 4 inches wide at the widest part near the base.

The bottom mark reads “BB-3 / Syracuse China.” There is also an impressed hand-written mark for 42. I believe this mark dates to 1947 manufacture.

Japanese Hand-Painted “Geishas in a Garden” Porcelain Plate


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A delightful piece of vintage Japanese porcelain (I suspect very early 1900s) in an 8-sided flower shape, with two hand-painted garden scenes. In the upper left corner, a couple is admiring the pink cherry blossoms (which are dotted or raised). The lower right corner, two women and a child are walking in a garden beside a lake, admiring the mountain landscape. Similar designs are usually listed on eBay as “Geishas in a Garden.”

The outer rim is decorated in a dark, cobalt blue (flow blue on the back) border with a red edge around the rim and gold highlights. The scenes are highlighted in the same red trim with red and gold decorations.

The bowl measures about 7.25 inches wide across the points. There is wear to the decoration on the raised ribs on the inside. There are no chips or cracks, no fleabites or crazing. The bowl sits on a raised round foot ring. There is a red mark with gold Japanese lettering, which I have not been able to identify. There is no English mark, so this plate may well date to pre-1921 (or late 19th Century).



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Vintage Label Collection
Six 8-inch Plates

I know these aren’t THAT vintage, but I just love the reproduction vintage labels. The shapes, colors, and graphics are wonderful, Just check out this set of 6 colorful plates from the Oneida “Vintage Label Collection,” featuring:

  • Silver Moon (San Fernando Heights Lemon Assn)
  • Sanguinetti Flame Tokay Grapes (Lodi, Calif.)
  • Orangedale Sunflower Brand (Fillmore Citrus)
  • Camellia Brand (Redlands Orange Assn.)
  • Mountain (Duthie and Company, Portland)
  • Pride of Venice Cove (Kissimmee Citrus Growers)

These neat plates measure about 8-1/8 inches wide at the rim. They are in good to very good condition, with just a few signs of use or wear (very faint wear around the outer rims, for example). There is one visible white spot (pinhead-size or smaller) in one of the red flowers on the Camellia plate (see closeup photos). There are no cracks, chips, or hairlines, and the plates make a gorgeous display.

The underside shows a mark for “Oneida / Vintage Label Collection / Dishwasher Safe / Microwave Safe / China.”