From Erphila Art Pottery comes this very colorful “biscuit jar with lid” in the classic brilliant orange-red POPPY pattern. I love this pattern, because the intensity of the color is so rich, simple, and pleasing. This particular shape (not in Poppy) is identified on pages 145 (picture 1510) and 203 (description) of the reference guide, “Czechoslovakia Pottery: ‘Czeching’ Out America'” (by Bowers, Closser, & Ellis). They describe Erphila as “an import company owned by Ebeling and Reuss of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company imported high-quality pottery from many factories in Czechoslovakia, operating from approximately 1920 to 1940” (page 34).

This lovely hand-painted jar measures about 7.5 inches high (top of the lid handle), 5.75 inches high at the rim, 4 inches wide across the rim, and 4 inches wide across the foot. I think this particular shape is especially nice because of the recessed corners and the knobby handles. The jar is in good condition. There is a lot of wear to the top orange rim (especially on one side), and one shallow chip (flake) on the orange trim at the foot. The inside rim has no chips or cracks or hairlines. There is overall even crazing (not too heavy, but visible); the crazing has begun to brown on the inside bottom of the jar (but not on the outside).

The lid has two chips on the inside bottom edge, and a bit of wear to the orange trim. There are no cracks. The wicker handle is intact, with just a little loosening in the wrapping on one side.

This piece is marked on the underside with “Erphila Art Pottery / Czecho Slovakia.”