I’m always amazed at what I find in the thrift stores.


Mottahedeh Lowestoft Reproduction
Covered Bowl with Lid and Underplate
Chinoiserie and American Eagle

A wonderfully designed very elegant covered bowl with lid and underplate, marked “Lowestoft Reproduction / Created by Mottahedeh.” I believe this is a Chinese Export design (based on pieces imported in the early 1800s) in an Adams style, with a pale blue body heavily decorated with a Chinoiserie design of thick gold (gilt) on dark blue, with handles like branches and a large acorn handle on top. It probably dates to the 1950s (my best guess).

All three parts are in very good to excellent condition (no chips, cracks, or crazing; no wear). The bowl measures 8 inches wide across the handles, 5.5 inches by 4 inches at the rim, 4 inches by 2.75 inches across the foot, and 3.5 inches high with the lid. With the lid in place, the bowl measures 6.5 inches high. The underplate is 8.25 inches by 6-3/8 inches.

Both sides of the bowl and the center of the underplate are decorated with American-like eagle, with 13 stars and a blue banner in the eagle’s mouth. The bottom of the underplate has a blue mark for “Lowestoft Reproduction / Created by Mottahedeh,” along with a hand-written number 575-AB, and remnants of paper labels; there is also an incised “H” (I think a decorator mark). The bowl has the same blue hand-written mark, the black number, and a partial round label for Mottahedeh. On the interior base of the bowl is a gold number 8, and the lid has a number 3.

According to Wikipedia, “Mottahedeh is the recognized leader in antique reproductions and adaptations in luxury ceramics, primarily hard porcelain, and metals. It specializes in Chinese Export porcelain and early European porcelain.” Sold on eBay for a bit over $200.