A tall fan-shaped vase from Weller Pottery, in the design called “Marvo.” According to Warman’s Weller Pottery (p. 185):

Weller Marvo Vase

Weller Marvo Vase

Marvo was introduced in the mid-1920s and production continued through 1933. The pieces are molded with tropical foliage and glazed in shades of orange or brown, pink, green …

This is an intense art pottery vase–better than my photos make it look. It is heavily decorated on both sides, and has a lovely dark-to-light green glaze. The top has 5 rings for holding flowers (I assume).

This vase is 8 inches high at the rim, 8 inches wide across the rim, and 1.75 inches deep at the rim. The foot is about 4 inches by 3.5 inches. It is in very good to excellent condition, with no signs I can see of chips, cracks, fleabites, or other flaws. There is light overall crazing. It’s really quite a stunner.

The glazed bottom (with unglazed footring) has a fairly clear black mark for “Weller Ware.”