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Brastoff Candy Jar

Brastoff Candy Jar

Mid century modern. California pottery. Sascha Brastoff. What a great combination!

This piece is a round, pyramid-form candy dish with lid, in a thick gold underglaze, overlaid with hand-painted abstract lines and circles in green, blue, and turquoise enamel glaze. The tall lid rises to a ball top. The inside is a matte black.

Unfortunately this piece has several condition problems. One problem is quite a bit of chipping and flaking around the edge of the lid (worse on the inside than external, but definitely visible); see the closeup photos at top for various views. There is also a not-very-visible but definite 2-inch tight crack in the side of the bowl (again, see closeup photo with red arrow). This piece coolly shimmers when displayed, but definitely needs some TLC (tender loving care).

This large vintage 1950s piece measures 9 inches tall (with lid) and about 7.25 inches wide in the middle of the bowl; it sits on three stilt-like feet. The gold glaze bottom has a white hand-applied mark for “Sascha B” and a registration mark. There is also a mark that is either D or O 35.