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I didn’t particularly care for Boleslawiec pottery when I first noticed it in the thrift stores. It looked too “folk arty” for my taste. But then I started paying closer attention and studying it a bit (ample opportunity, given the large Polish-descended population in Chicago). I learned that the patterns often had meanings, that the best pieces really are hand-decorated, and there is a long history behind the production of this high-density stoneware line.

These three pieces of hand-made Boleslawiec (Poland) pottery are suitable for a child, including a small plate, cereal bowl, and mug. The bowl and plate are both decorated with flowers and multi-color bunny rabbits. The mug is decorated with orange flowers and blue teddy bears. All three pieces have labels for Ceramika Artystyczna (Artistic Ceramics), Kosciuszki, Poland. I listed them on eBay for $14.99 (as a set). They currently have 3 bids, at $31, and I’m hoping for a little more action before the end of the auction tonight.

Watch for a “B” mark with a stylized castle logo.