South Side thrift stores are WAY better than those in the rest of the city! That’s not just my bias–they’re cheaper, better stocked, and not filled with people. Every Saturday morning at 8:30, you’ll find me at 30th and Halsted at my favorite Unique Thrift Store.

Then continue on 35th to Ashland, where there is another Unique Thrift. West on Ashland to Western, south on Western on 47th, west on 47th almost to California, where you find the Village Thrift. Continue on 47th to Kedzie, and turn left (south) to 51st, where there is a really wonderful Unique (and a convenient KMart with TWO bathrooms).

Next continue south on Kedzie to 64th, where you’ll find another Village Thrift. Right around the corner on 63rd is a very good Salvation Army.

At this point, you have a choice. I usually go east on 63rd to Western, north on Western to 51st, east on 51st to Ashland, where there is another decent Salvation Army. But sometimes I feel the urge for more, so I hit the Villagte at 73rd and Racine, and then the Unique at 94th and Ashland, then to the Salvation Army at 51st.

It’s a full morning. I usually take 3 hours, and hit at least 7 stores. I never come back with fewer than 12 pieces, and it’s usually in the 20+ range! Total expense: never over $50, and often around $25.