Updates for July 2018

Good weekend at the thrifts this past weekend. Among the treasures were a McCoy swan art deco flower holde (aqua) and a set of 4 Mottahedeh “Chelsea Birds” salad plate.

Erphila Art Pottery: Czech Poppy




From Erphila Art Pottery comes this very colorful “biscuit jar with lid” in the classic brilliant orange-red POPPY pattern. I love this pattern, because the intensity of the color is so rich, simple, and pleasing. This particular shape (not in Poppy) is identified on pages 145 (picture 1510) and 203 (description) of the reference guide, “Czechoslovakia Pottery: ‘Czeching’ Out America'” (by Bowers, Closser, & Ellis). They describe Erphila as “an import company owned by Ebeling and Reuss of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company imported high-quality pottery from many factories in Czechoslovakia, operating from approximately 1920 to 1940” (page 34).

This lovely hand-painted jar measures about 7.5 inches high (top of the lid handle), 5.75 inches high at the rim, 4 inches wide across the rim, and 4 inches wide across the foot. I think this particular shape is especially nice because of the recessed corners and the knobby handles. The jar is in good condition. There is a lot of wear to the top orange rim (especially on one side), and one shallow chip (flake) on the orange trim at the foot. The inside rim has no chips or cracks or hairlines. There is overall even crazing (not too heavy, but visible); the crazing has begun to brown on the inside bottom of the jar (but not on the outside).

The lid has two chips on the inside bottom edge, and a bit of wear to the orange trim. There are no cracks. The wicker handle is intact, with just a little loosening in the wrapping on one side.

This piece is marked on the underside with “Erphila Art Pottery / Czecho Slovakia.”

1930s Lenox Footed & Enameled Cake Plate


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I’m still in the process of researching this piece, but I just love it. It’s a 10-5/8″ footed cake plate from Lenox China, with a green mark that predates 1952. I believe the pattern is an early precursor to the popular Lenox “Ming” pattern, but we shall see. It has a light yellow rim, heavy gold trim, and the most lovely enamelled flowers and butterflies in pink, blue, and yellow. Best of all, it’s in really good condition (no chips, cracks, or wear, and just a few utensil marks).

Ah, finally found it: MANDARIN. See replacements item 49796, dated, c. 1917.



Mottahedeh Lowestoft Reproduction Covered Bowl with Lid and Underplate

I’m always amazed at what I find in the thrift stores.


Mottahedeh Lowestoft Reproduction
Covered Bowl with Lid and Underplate
Chinoiserie and American Eagle

A wonderfully designed very elegant covered bowl with lid and underplate, marked “Lowestoft Reproduction / Created by Mottahedeh.” I believe this is a Chinese Export design (based on pieces imported in the early 1800s) in an Adams style, with a pale blue body heavily decorated with a Chinoiserie design of thick gold (gilt) on dark blue, with handles like branches and a large acorn handle on top. It probably dates to the 1950s (my best guess).

All three parts are in very good to excellent condition (no chips, cracks, or crazing; no wear). The bowl measures 8 inches wide across the handles, 5.5 inches by 4 inches at the rim, 4 inches by 2.75 inches across the foot, and 3.5 inches high with the lid. With the lid in place, the bowl measures 6.5 inches high. The underplate is 8.25 inches by 6-3/8 inches.

Both sides of the bowl and the center of the underplate are decorated with American-like eagle, with 13 stars and a blue banner in the eagle’s mouth. The bottom of the underplate has a blue mark for “Lowestoft Reproduction / Created by Mottahedeh,” along with a hand-written number 575-AB, and remnants of paper labels; there is also an incised “H” (I think a decorator mark). The bowl has the same blue hand-written mark, the black number, and a partial round label for Mottahedeh. On the interior base of the bowl is a gold number 8, and the lid has a number 3.

According to Wikipedia, “Mottahedeh is the recognized leader in antique reproductions and adaptations in luxury ceramics, primarily hard porcelain, and metals. It specializes in Chinese Export porcelain and early European porcelain.” Sold on eBay for a bit over $200.

Antique 1892 T & R Boote Covered Soup Tureen, Transferware, Pink Green Flowers



T & R Boote
Waterloo Potteries, ca. 1892

Antique Tureen with Lid

Antique Tureen with Lid

An antique covered transferware soup tureen or vegetable bowl, richly decorated in pink and green flowers and gold trim. It is marked T & R Boote (Burslem, England). The bowl has the registry number 185168 (I believe), which dates it to about 1892 (see thepotteries.org).

The heavy round bowl measures 10.25 inches wide across the scrolled handles and about 8.5 inches wide across the lip of the rim. With the lid on, the piece measures about 6.5 inches high, or 4.25 inches to the top of the rim. The lid has a cutout on one side, for a spoon or ladle, which is why I believe it would be considered a tureen.

This piece is in very good condition, especially for its age. The only flaw that I can see are several brown spots on the inside base (see closeup photos). There is a lot of wear to the gold trim, particularly on the handles, rim, and lid handle. The bowl is structurally very sound, with no chips, cracks, hairlines, crazing, or fleabites.

On the bottom is a very clear crown and shield mark for Waterloo Potteries / Trade Mark / Royal Premium /Semi-Porcelain / T & R Boote / England / Rd 185168.

Ah, Ever-so-lovely Roseville


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It’s very rare that I find something “special” like Roseville in the thrift stores. Imagine how shocked I was to find a PAIR of Roseville Pinecone basket vases, in perfect condition, for $4.99 each! Egads!

For now, they’re staying in the personal collection. They’re too lovely to let go just yet. But maybe, in a few months….

Roseville Pinecone Basket Vases, 1940s

Roseville Pinecone Basket Vases, 1940s

Big Find for May!


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Antique Shaving MugAntique 1910s Pink Shaving Mug, Motorcycle
Personalized “Nick Bove”
Wehinger, Austria, mark, 1905-1918

This listing is for a colorful handled shaving mug, personalized in gold with the name “Nick Bove,” and made by H. Wehinger & Co., Austria. The sides are a bright pink, decorated with intense purle flowers. The front (over the name) features a motorcycle! The rim, foot, and handle have somewhat worn gold trim. The mug measures 3-5/8 inches high and 3.5 inches wide across the rim.

The mug is in good to very good condition. There are no cracks, chips, or crazing. There is significant wear to the gold trim on the rim, and less wear around the foot and handle. The motorcycle image and the pink sides very solid and colorful.

The bottom has a mark that is identified by the Kovels as:

H. Wehinger & Co. The company was founded by Heinrich Wehinger in Horn, Bohemia (now Hory, Czech Republic), in 1905, when he took over the operation of an existing pottery. The company made tableware as well as vases. It went bankrupt in 1928. There is some confusion about the closing date. Some sources say 1928, others 1945. This mark, called the “spittoon” mark, was used from 1905 to 1918.

Here’s the good part: Sold on eBay for $1,600.

1920s Weller Ware Art Pottery 8″ Fan-shape Vase, MARVO, Green Glaze Great Detail

A tall fan-shaped vase from Weller Pottery, in the design called “Marvo.” According to Warman’s Weller Pottery (p. 185):

Weller Marvo Vase

Weller Marvo Vase

Marvo was introduced in the mid-1920s and production continued through 1933. The pieces are molded with tropical foliage and glazed in shades of orange or brown, pink, green …

This is an intense art pottery vase–better than my photos make it look. It is heavily decorated on both sides, and has a lovely dark-to-light green glaze. The top has 5 rings for holding flowers (I assume).

This vase is 8 inches high at the rim, 8 inches wide across the rim, and 1.75 inches deep at the rim. The foot is about 4 inches by 3.5 inches. It is in very good to excellent condition, with no signs I can see of chips, cracks, fleabites, or other flaws. There is light overall crazing. It’s really quite a stunner.

The glazed bottom (with unglazed footring) has a fairly clear black mark for “Weller Ware.”

Spode Copeland’s China England IRENE 14-7/8″ Round Platter Chop Plate, ca. 1960s




This listing is for a magnificent Copeland Spode round platter (or huge chop plate) in a pattern called “Irene.” It is decorated with dark pink flowers and garlands, with smaller yellow flowers, a blue border, and yellow trim around the scalloped rim. The platter measures 14-7/8 inches wide across the rim.

This piece is in good to very good condition. There are no chips, cracks, or crazing. There are visible utensil marks when the platter is held to the light at an angle; none of the utensil scratches mar the design or can be seen when the piece is sitting flat.

The platter has a clear green and pink mark on the foot for “Spode / Copeland’s China / England . / Spode’s Irene.” There is also a green hand-written decorator’s mark with various letters and numbers, as well as a few indented marks under the glaze. This piece is shown at the replacement’s site as Irene by Spode:

Item#: 95959
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued Actual: 1953 – 1971.